Part 1: How To Generate Unlimited LEAD-FLOW 
The Top 1% Of Online Advertisers:

Your business is your list! Your list of LEADS and CUSTOMERS will determine whether you business lives of dies. Companies like blockbuster, Kodak and Toys R Us were all great companies that do NOT exist today. 


Because they failed to adapt to technology and did not focus on nurturing their list of customers and they failed to come up with creative ways to generate LEADS!

Your business is comes down to the relationship you have with your list.

Part 1 of the video series breaks this down in great detail!

Your Email List Is An Asset:

Every lead you generate has a lifetime value of $1 per month! This means if you build a list of 1000 subscribers you should earn at bare minimum $1000 per month. Build a list of 10,000 people and earn $10,000 per/mo… build a list of 100,000 people and with an you will find yourself earning upwards on $100,000 per/mo.

If you build a list of 100 people per day over a year you would have a list of 36,000 people! With a push of a button it would be like you speaking to a sold out stadium of people at a sporting event of concert!

This is why the lost art of online advertising is LIST BUILDING… (Part 1 Of Video Series Here)

Quality Low Cost LEAD Generation Secrets:

97% on advertisers who fail spend 99% of their time advertising to strangers. In marketing terms they are targeting COLD traffic (People Who Don’t Know YOU). 

The old rule of thumb for sales people is the fact that people buy more frequently from people they know, like and trust!

So when you are advertising to cold traffic you are targeting a massive balloon of people who are not on social media to buy. This is why you must focus on targeting WARM traffic. People who already know and like you.

Lower cost lead generation comes when you figure out a way to stay in the warm zone…

For a more detailed look at how you can execute and master the Balloon Method click here to view part 1 of the video series now...

  • Balloon Method: (Traffic)
  • Invisible LEAD Method: (LEADS)
  • Customer Binge Method: (SALES)
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Balloon Method: (Traffic)
Invisible LEAD Method: (LEADS)
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